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Business Booming for Young Entrepreneurs

Businesses are beating a path to the door of two former school pals running their own award-winning computer software company.  
Just four years after 20-year-old entrepre........

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From The News “Excellence” Supplement 28/1/2003  
“Computer whizz-kid Graham Allen is just 20 years old – but already he‘s achieved as much as many other people do in thei........


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The Page Designer Brand including Page Hosting, Page Security and Page Consultancy  - Thu, 24th May 2001


Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said on Wednesday 23rd May 2001 that the bursting of the dot-com bubble is not the end of the technology boom, only "the end of the beginning".  
Gates told a meeting at Microsoft's CEO Summit "The next decade is the big one. This is the decade when your involvement with computing will be pervasive".  
source: ZDNet UK


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