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Business Booming for Young Entrepreneurs

Businesses are beating a path to the door of two former school pals running their own award-winning computer software company.  
Just four years after 20-year-old entrepre........

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From The News “Excellence” Supplement 28/1/2003  
“Computer whizz-kid Graham Allen is just 20 years old – but already he‘s achieved as much as many other people do in thei........


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Page Designer (sister company to Page Hosting) warns web attacks are escalating  - Fri, 26th Apr 2002

Drive-by hacking a new and serious threat to computer security  - Sun, 02nd Dec 2001

Worm threat to Internet still very much alive  - Thu, 09th Aug 2001

Launch of new hosting services  - Sun, 15th Jul 2001

Graham Allen joins the Rich List?  - Thu, 24th May 2001

The Page Designer Brand including Page Hosting, Page Security and Page Consultancy  - Thu, 24th May 2001


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One billion users will drive the Internet by 2005  
With fifteen percent of the world's population online, e-commerce will boom to $5tn.  
The Global Market Forecast for Internet Usage and Commerce claims that fifteen percent of the global population will be online in four year (a seventy percent compound annual growth rate in Internet spending from $354bn in the year 2000).  
And, Europe is likely to take pole position.  
source: ZDNet UK

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