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  Your service will always be supported around the clock by a team of technical experts. All our systems are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and engineers are notified quickly in the event of a problem.  
Friendly and helpful technical support is available by telephone and e-mail to all customers during our normal office hours (9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday).  
An off-site status page is also maintained which provides current information on any operational issues and details of any planned maintenance.  
Some support information and answers to common questions are also provided on this site for your convenience.  
Telephone: 07968 959764 (International: +44 7968 959764)  
If you require assistance out of hours and have a 24hr support contract, please call the support number provided by your account manager.

Hosting services for the discerning customer - see our advert in E-Web magazine  
Including.......'Fully managed dedicated server hosting' and 'Server co-location' at our Docklands datacentre, with superfast 100Mb connectivity.  
Full security management including updates, SSL and Firewalls.  


One billion users will drive the Internet by 2005  
With fifteen percent of the world's population online, e-commerce will boom to $5tn.  
The Global Market Forecast for Internet Usage and Commerce claims that fifteen percent of the global population will be online in four year (a seventy percent compound annual growth rate in Internet spending from $354bn in the year 2000).  
And, Europe is likely to take pole position.  
source: ZDNet UK

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