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Shared Web Hosting
What hostname should I connect to when uploading my pages by FTP or Secure FTP?  
You should use the domain name of your website, prefixed by ftp.  
e.g. Website address: the domain name is and you would upload to  
Do not use machine names or IP addresses to reference our servers, as these may change. However, we will make changes so that your site address and your upload address will remain the same.  
What is the name of your default page which the server will send when a client enters my site URL?  
Default documents should be named index.html. If you are using PHP or SSI in your default document, you should use index.php or index.shtml.  
Can I run my own CGI scripts?  
If you purchase a web hosting package which includes a CGI scripting facility, you can upload your own CGI scripts. There is a separate support section for CGI scripting.  
Can you provide raw log files showing transfers and/or processed statistics for my web site?  
Yes! Contact your account manager, or  
Do your web servers have the MIME types installed to support WAP?  
Yes! Our hosting services can be used to serve WAP content to mobile users.  

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