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  • Efficient email services  
  • Fast and reliable website hosting  
  • Proactive approach to security  
  • Experienced and helpful support team (yes, you can speak to a person AND your calls are not premium rate)  
  • Secure hosting for online transactions  
  • Database hosting  
  • Robust servers  
  • Great performance and availability (source Webperf)  
  • Disk mirroring and tape backups  
  • Strict server load limits which means no overloading  
  • No hidden costs
Shared Hosting - We offer shared hosting on robust Unix servers, and connect your website to the Internet using very high speed 100Mbit connectivity. We offer a variety of "package" solutions or our sales team can tailor a solution to suit your needs.  
Dedicated Hosting - For companies who have outgrown shared hosting or have specialist requirements, we offer powerful managed server solutions. If your site has high traffic and makes heavy use of database facilities, CGI scripting or any dynamically generated content, a dedicated server will improve your site's performance. Having your own server can also improve security for e-commerce sites, as data is physically separated from other customers.  
Server Co-location - Co-location is the best option for companies who require the ultimate flexibility in hosting, and have their own staff available to perform server management and troubleshooting. Hosting your equipment with us allows you to take advantage of our highly specified data-centre facilities and fast connectivity.  
Email Services - Email is revolutionising the way many business work. It is a fast and highly cost-effective communications medium, providing near instant delivery of messages, documents and files anywhere in the world. We can provide cost-effective solutions for businesses requiring email for a single user right through to large scale solutions accommodating thousands of addresses.  
Mailing Lists - Helping our clients to keep in better contact with their clients - An e-mail mailing list provides an easy, cost-effective way for companies to send announcements, and press releases directly to an entire customer base, media contacts, or selected individuals. We have our own custom mailing list software which is controlled by a simple, yet comprehensive web interface.  
SSL Hosting - Secure Hosting for Online transactions involving confidential data, where the data is passed over an encrypted connection. We can also provide shopping cart software, creating a full e-commerce solution.  
Database Hosting - We provide hosting solutions for databases either as the back-end for a web site, or as a stand-alone solution. We can provide services scaling from small sites up to multi-server solutions using a variety of RDBMS's.  
Guaranteed Performance with an SLA - For customers who require high avaiability, we can provide custom service level agreements combined with high-avaiability equipment to ensure your services are always available, around the clock.  

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said on Wednesday 23rd May 2001 that the bursting of the dot-com bubble is not the end of the technology boom, only "the end of the beginning".  
Gates told a meeting at Microsoft's CEO Summit "The next decade is the big one. This is the decade when your involvement with computing will be pervasive".  
source: ZDNet UK


Hosting services for the discerning customer - see our advert in E-Web magazine  
Including.......'Fully managed dedicated server hosting' and 'Server co-location' at our Docklands datacentre, with superfast 100Mb connectivity.  
Full security management including updates, SSL and Firewalls.  

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