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Dedicated Hosting
  Dedicated hosting is the ideal solution for the growing number of businesses with a requirement for faster, larger and more reliable hosting.  
Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting  
Traditional 'shared' hosting often represents the best route when establishing an initial Internet presence. Shared hosting can be a very cost-effective solution and time from order to service activation is usually low. For many organisations, shared hosting may well remain the best solution.  
Shared hosting also has a number of drawbacks. As resources are shared, it is possible for one customer to monopolise the server if their site is very resource intensive or receiving large numbers of visitors. This affects the performance of all the other sites hosted on the server, too.  
Lots of users all sharing the same server also raises security concerns for many customers who are worried that there is a potential for other users on the same server to access their data. This risk can only be eliminated completely by physically separating the data onto a dedicated server.  
Shared hosting is generally not very well suited to projects where high availability is important. Some sites on the same server may experience 'surges' in activity, causing the server to become overloaded and become unavailable. Other customers will also use it as a testing ground for their programs, which could cause the server to crash if they are badly written.  
Generally: If your project requires fast, reliable or high-capacity hosting, a dedicated server is the right solution.  
Our team of Internet experts will work with you to establish the best hosting solution to accommodate your current and future needs - whether this is a single server, or a cluster of systems within a dedicated suite.  
For further information and a quotation, call a member of our sales team, now.  
Telephone: 07968 959764  
Service Details  
Entry-level - Single Server  
Your own server which is dedicated to whatever you want, working exclusively for you - around the clock. This solution is ideal for smaller projects which need extra flexibility, security or have outgrown shared hosting.  
Multiple Servers  
Usuaully a database server, web server and a dedicated server for images. This provides the next step up for sites whose requirements exceed the capacity of a single server, but do not require the availability and capacity of a clustered solution.  
High Capacity - Multiple Server Cluster  
For sites requiring the ultimate in reliability and capacity, a clustered solution is usually the answer. Several servers work together to provide all aspects of the service, providing significantly increased capacity which can be scaled up easily as required. This also provides reliability benefits as remaining servers can continue working in the event of failure of a single, or even multiple units.  
Dedicated hosting services are fully managed, which means our engineers will look after all aspects of your hardware and software configuration. Security patches, software upgrades, maintenance, backups, and any changes you request will be performed by our engineers. We will also monitor the load on your hardware, and recommend any necessary upgrades or changes. Your service will be monitored continuously by our advanced monitoring system, and engineers will be notified in the event of a problem. A 24/7 emergency support contract is included with this service, allowing you to report problems at any time.  
    We can install, maintain and support the following Operating Systems:  
  •  Windows NT  
  •  Windows 2000  
  •  BSD (FreeBSD or OpenBSD)  
  •  Linux (Various Distributions)
    Some of the software we support, includes:  
  •  Apache (with PHP and mod_ssl), IIS and Zeus  
  •  Sendmail, Exim, qmail, Qpopper and Microsoft Exchange  
  •  MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server  
  •  BIND DNS Server
    London Facility Site Specifications  
  •  UPS system - redundant parallel formation  
  •  2.5 MVA of UPS conditioned power (N+1 Configuration)  
  •  2 x 1750 KVA Generator back-up (N+1 Configuration)  
  •  Multiple Power Supplies  
  •  Close control downflow air conditioning units to guarantee stable temperature and humidity (N+1 Configuration)  
  •  2 independent air conditioning systems DX and chilled water (N+1 Configuration)  
  •  Very early smoke detection apparatus (VESDA)  
  •  FM200 fire suppression system  
  •  CCTV system covering all entrances/exits and main areas  
  •  24-hour video recording  
  •  Full perimeter alarm  
  •  PAC security card access system  
  •  Visual verification of all persons entering the data floor  
  •  Raised Flooring  
  •  500kg/mē uniform floor slab loading  

Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said on Wednesday 23rd May 2001 that the bursting of the dot-com bubble is not the end of the technology boom, only "the end of the beginning".  
Gates told a meeting at Microsoft's CEO Summit "The next decade is the big one. This is the decade when your involvement with computing will be pervasive".  
source: ZDNet UK


Hosting services for the discerning customer - see our advert in E-Web magazine  
Including.......'Fully managed dedicated server hosting' and 'Server co-location' at our Docklands datacentre, with superfast 100Mb connectivity.  
Full security management including updates, SSL and Firewalls.  

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