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Web Hosting
  We offer shared hosting on our robust Unix server platform, and connect your website to the Internet using very high speed 100Mbit connectivity. This ensures your site is always available and delivered to users at top-speed.  
We offer a variety of "package" solutions, or, our sales team can work with you to tailor a solution to suit your needs. Contact us now to discuss your requirements with one of our Internet experts.  
Telephone: 07968 959764  
    All hosting solutions incorporate a range of industry-leading benefits:  
  • Strict Server Load Limits - Server load is carefully controlled by imposing strict limits on the number of customer sites on each server. This ensures servers are never over-loaded and sites are always fast to respond.  
  • Server-Side Technologies - We support a wide variety of server-side scripting technologies which means designers are free to choose the technologies which are most appropriate for the task.  
  • Server Fault-tolerance - All our web servers are configured with RAID disk mirroring. Data is stored on two disks which are kept continuously synchronised so that services are unaffected in the event of disk failure.  
  • 24/7 Monitoring - All our equipment is monitored around the clock, and engineers are notified of any problems.  
  • Regular Tape Backups - As well as continuous backups through disk mirroring, we also take regular tape backups of all customer data.  
  • Full UPS Backup - Providing continuous filtered power to all equipment in the event of a mains power failure. Filtered power also reduced the chance of equipment failure due to power surges of spikes.
    Entry-level Shared Hosting  
    This package includes everything most small businesses will require to start building a web presence, and exchanging e-mail with their clients and suppliers. This package can also be supplied with a dialup Internet access, if required.  
  • Registration of a domain name  
  • 50MB Server Space  
  • 3 POP3 E-Mail Accounts  
  • 3 E-Mail forwarding addresses  
  • 1 Catch-all forwarding address  
  • SMTP mail relay using SMTP AUTH  
  • Upload access by FTP or SFTP 24/7  
  • CGI support with private cgi-bin (Perl, Python, Bash and TCL)  
  • PHP4 Server-side Scripting  
  • Server Side Includes  
  • Support for Password Protected Areas  
  • Support for Custom Error Pages  
  • SSH Secure Shell Access  
  • Processed Site Statistics (by request)  
  • Technical Support by Phone, E-Mail and Fax  
  • 1000MB Monthly data transfers included  
    Extras available for Entry-level Hosting:  
  • Registration of Domain Names  
  • Additional E-Mail accounts  
  • Additional E-Mail Forwarding Addresses  
  • Dial-up Internet access  
  • MySQL Back-end database  
  • Support for additional Server-side technologies (Cold Fusion, JSP/Servlets)  
  • Scheduled Jobs via Crontab  
  • Secure SSL Hosting  
  • Additional Server Space  
  • Additional Data Transfer  
  • Raw Server Logfiles  
  • Virtual FTP Server  
  • Mailing Lists  
  • Streaming Media Services  
Most of our smaller custom hosting solutions use this as a 'base' package then add extra services from the list above to provide a solution appropriate to client requirements.  
For further information, including pricing, please contact a member of our sales team, or your account manager directly.  
Telephone: 01730 300207  

One billion users will drive the Internet by 2005  
With fifteen percent of the world's population online, e-commerce will boom to $5tn.  
The Global Market Forecast for Internet Usage and Commerce claims that fifteen percent of the global population will be online in four year (a seventy percent compound annual growth rate in Internet spending from $354bn in the year 2000).  
And, Europe is likely to take pole position.  
source: ZDNet UK


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