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From The News “Excellence” Supplement 28/1/2003  
“Computer whizz-kid Graham Allen is just 20 years old – but already he‘s achieved as much as many other people do in their whole careers.  
Mr Allen and his colleagues at Internet firm The Page Designer scooped the Innovation of the Year prize for a novel e-mail invention.  
He said ‘I was really delighted to win – this is definitely the most recognition I’ve had since setting up the company.’  
What impressed the judges was the way that each person receiving a message gets one that is specific to them, with their own name showing up, to make them feel as if they have been personally chosen for the message.  
Mr Allen, who is managing director of The Page Designer, founded the company four years ago and wrote all the software for Page emerge himself.  
He said of the invention: ‘It is very easy to use and allows people to keep in touch with their clients easily, and it means they can get information out in a personalised manner.‘  
Mr Allen runs the firm with Greg Curtis, 21, who has worked with him for the past three years, and Andy Barker, 19, who joined six months ago.”  
Another member of the team, Tom White, 21, co-director (with Graham Allen) and systems administrator for Page Hosting, was unable to attend the award ceremony.  


Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said on Wednesday 23rd May 2001 that the bursting of the dot-com bubble is not the end of the technology boom, only "the end of the beginning".  
Gates told a meeting at Microsoft's CEO Summit "The next decade is the big one. This is the decade when your involvement with computing will be pervasive".  
source: ZDNet UK


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