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We celebrate reaching 54th place in fastest UK Internet Service Provider League

Portsmouth based Internet experts Page Hosting is celebrating being named in the Top 60 fastest Internet Service Providers in the United Kingdom just six months after launching their new service.  
Page Hosting has reached 54th place out of 328 in a league called Webperf produced by Zeus Technology Limited. The survey monitors the performance and availability of major Internet Service Providers hosting companies in the United Kingdom. Its aim is to speed up Internet connections and provide greater transparency to businesses choosing their Hosting company.  
Page Hosting was launched in July 2001 by young entrepreneurs Graham Allen and Tom White. Mr Allen is also Managing Director of The Page Designer which designs and develops web sites and provides IT Consultancy services. Tom White is Technical Director of Page Hosting. Page Hosting is aimed at companies that require fast and reliable Internet connections, technical back up and those that require a high degree of security for their web sites. Page Hosting’s server is based in Redbus Interhouse, a high security datacentre situated in the prestigious London Docklands  
Page Hosting was set up to help organisations that host multiple web sites and those that attract a lot of traffic as well as individual company sites.  
Tom White says, ‘ We are really pleased with the results of this survey. For a small company this is excellent news because we are not operating on the same kind of budget as the providers at the top so our service and our technology must be superb. Our software and hardware provides a high degree of security, a growing concern where the Internet is concerned.’  


Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates said on Wednesday 23rd May 2001 that the bursting of the dot-com bubble is not the end of the technology boom, only "the end of the beginning".  
Gates told a meeting at Microsoft's CEO Summit "The next decade is the big one. This is the decade when your involvement with computing will be pervasive".  
source: ZDNet UK


One billion users will drive the Internet by 2005  
With fifteen percent of the world's population online, e-commerce will boom to $5tn.  
The Global Market Forecast for Internet Usage and Commerce claims that fifteen percent of the global population will be online in four year (a seventy percent compound annual growth rate in Internet spending from $354bn in the year 2000).  
And, Europe is likely to take pole position.  
source: ZDNet UK

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