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Page Hosting Ltd: Acceptable Use Policy
  1. Definitions and Interpretation  
“Client”, “you”, “customer” means any person or organisation with whom the company enters into an agreement which shall be subject to these conditions.  
“Company”, “us”, “we” means Page Hosting Ltd of registered office 44a Winchester Road, Petersfield, Hampshire GU32 3PG. Page Hosting Ltd is a private limited company registered in England and Wales No. 4194856.  
2. Introduction  
Page Hosting Ltd maintains this acceptable use policy in order to protect resources and security so that we can continue to provide the high level of service our customers have come to expect. Abuse often places excessive demands on resources, which degrades performance and service availability for all our customers. The contents of this acceptable use policy are intended as guidelines and are not meant to be exhaustive. Page Hosting Ltd will be the sole arbiter to determine what constitutes a violation of this policy. It is in the interests of all our customers to adhere to this policy and report any violations to abuse@pagehosting.co.uk.  
3. General  
a) Violation of this acceptable use policy may lead to account suspension; or termination, where abuse has been intentional, severe or where the customer has previously been warned about their activities in relation to this acceptable use policy. Account suspension may be without warning, although we will make reasonable attempts to contact the customer to advise them of such action. Accounts will only be re-activated after we are satisfied that any abuse will not resume. Whilst we will not normally charge a re-activation fee for accounts, we reserve the right to do so at our sole discretion. In the event of account termination for breach of this acceptable use policy, we will make reasonable attempts to contact the customer; no refund will be given.  
b) Customers must comply with any acceptable use policies of other providers whose networks they interact with whilst using services provided by us.  
c) Use of services provided by us to distribute lists of e-mail addresses for bulk mailing purposes is only permitted where their intended use follows our Mailing List policy.  
d) Use of services provided by us to launch denial of service attacks against other hosts (such as “smurf” and “ping flood” attacks), is strictly prohibited.  
e) Generally, any activities which violate applicable laws and regulations, or the generally accepted (n)etiquette of Internet users, is prohibited, whether or not it is expressly mentioned in this acceptable use policy.  
4. Excessive Use  
a) Page Hosting reserves the right to suspend service to customers whose accounts significantly exceed their pre-paid bandwidth quota, or make excessive demands on system resources (such as processing time, disk space and memory) after making all reasonable attempts to contact the customer in relation to this issue.  
b) We will attempt to contact the customer when their bandwidth usage exceeds three times their pre-paid quota in order to reach an agreement relating to credit limit and how excess bandwidth charges will be settled. This policy is necessary to prevent customer bandwidth charges exceeding the ability of the customer to pay the charges.  
c) You are requested to inform us in advance of any actions under your control which many significantly increase traffic to your website above your pre-paid amount, for short or long periods of time. Examples of where this may be appropriate include large advertising campaigns or product launches. This enables us to take steps to ensure the additional load can be accommodated easily, and we can monitor systems related to your site more closely during this period to ensure maximum availability and performance when you need it most.  
d) We consider ‘significantly’ to be approximately five times your pre-paid bandwidth allocation.  
5. Web Hosting  
a) Customers are responsible for all content stored on their server space, including obtaining legal permission for any works included and ensuring content does not violate English law.  
b) Using your account and server space for any purpose which relates to material which is (including, but not limited to): illegal, offensive, obscene, threatening, in breach of copyright or hate propaganda will be considered a deliberate abuse of service.  
6. CGI Scripting  
a) CGI scripts hosted on Page Hosting servers should only be executed from web pages also hosted on Page Hosting servers.  
b) We use resource-limiting techniques to prevent CGI scripts from ‘running away’ and using excessive system resources. These limits are flexible within reason; if you can show that you have a good reason to require more resources for your scripts, these limits can be raised.  
c) We strongly suggest that all custom programmed scripts written in Perl should make use of the ‘taint’ mode for security reasons.  
7. E-Mail  
a) Any conduct in connection with e-mail that causes nuisance to other Internet users (such as “mail bombing” or sending large messages intended to overwhelm less robust hosts or networks) or activities that would be illegal in other contexts (for example threats, harassment, or copyright violation) are strictly prohibited.  
b) Modifying e-mail headers or changing addressing information for the purpose of forging the identity of another party, for any reason, including attempting to circumvent this policy is prohibited.  
c) Using any Page Hosting account, server or network connectivity to send unsolicited e-mail (commercial or otherwise), or e-mail which violates the rules of any mailing list or newsgroup, or to collect responses to unsolicited e-mail, is prohibited.  
d) Using web hosting servers or mail relays to send bulk e-mail (e-mail to many recipients) is prohibited, as this degrades the high performance of our web and e-mail servers. If you wish to send bulk e-mail from our list servers, we offer a separate mailing list facility, which can be used, together with our other hosting services; there is an additional charge for this service.  
8. Mailing Lists  
When using our mailing list services, the following conditions must be adhered to:  
· Permission of new list subscribers must be verified before they receive mailings  
· A simple method must be provided to terminate subscription  
· Addresses which are undeliverable should be removed from future mailings  
· The nature, size and frequency of mailings must be fully disclosed  
· Terms and conditions of address use must be fully disclosed  
· Acquired lists must be used for their original purpose  
9. IRC  
Customers may not make Internet Relay Chat (IRC) connections from Page Hosting servers or servers located on connectivity operated by Page Hosting at any time, unless they have prior authorisation. Running IRC Ro(bots) or IRC servers (often referred to as daemons, or an ircd) is strictly prohibited, and will be cause for immediate account suspension.  
10. Background Processes  
a) Customers are not permitted to run ‘background’ processes (programs which run continually whilst a user is logged out) on Page Hosting servers. Running background processes without authorisation will be cause for immediate account suspension.  
b) Page Hosting reserves the right to prohibit any activities, which may damage its commercial reputation, at any time.  
c) Any decisions made by Page Hosting in relation to this policy will be final.  
d) Page Hosting reserves the right to amend this policy at any time. E&OE.

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